PyroPower Team

Ilmārs Āboliņš

  • The main organizer of this competition;
  • Member of the Board;
  • Technical director and an active pyrotechnician in "Svētku aģentūra";
  • Conception author of PyroPower competition;
  • Pyrotechnics specialist;
  • Experience - 30 years;
  • Starting in a lot of exhibitions in Latvia and Europe;
  • One of the first fireworks founders in Latvia.

Ilze Kazradze

  • Director and owner in one of the biggest firework company in Baltic states "Svētku aģentūra" ;
  • Experience - 25 years;
  • Professional fireworker;
  • Financial director in company;
  • Works with "PyroPower";
  • Idea author and supporter;
  • Big knowledge in fireworks and accounting.

Nils Patriks Kazradzis

  • 16 years old firework designer;
  • All life is in friends with fire and pyrotechnics;
  • One of the favorite fireworks designers in Baltic states and Latvia;
  • Writes programs for fireworks in Latvia and other countries;
  • Firework Idea author;
  • He have a nickname in LV "Bandmaster of fireworks";
  • Started work with fireworks 4 days before he born;
  • Helps in "PyroPower" organization;
  • Professional in international level.

Uģis Tīrums

  • "PyroPower" competition producer;
  • Active fireworker;
  • Works with special effects in theaters and in other inside activities;
  • One of conceptual author for "PyroPower";
  • Man, who is really positive and full of energy;
  • Started work about 20 years back in the past.

Inese Liepiņa

  • Accountant in "PyroPower", "Svētku aģentūra" and "FireArt" ;
  • Works from 90th years;
  • Planing and time table making for "PyroPower" and other projects;
  • "PyroPower" technical worker.